Cole Knowlden, Kenyon Adamcik, and Kwamin Marshall are three comics who explore bad self-help advice and then try to use in their own lives

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Wildman Weekends

October 8, 2018

Show Notes:

We look at Wildman Weekends, an 80’s self-help movement where men would go away on a retreat to unleash the “wildman” within. These retreats were a backlash against the rise of feminism and industrialization that the organizers claimed were furthering men from their own masculinity Some of the activities at these retreats to ‘free the wildman’ were drum circles, improvisational dancing around bonfires, closing your eyes while yelling dad, daddy, or father for half an hour, chasing and throwing rocks at an actor dressed like your mom, and rubbing sage on each other at saunas. It seemed most of the activities centered around trying to repair the bond between father and son, which did speak a little to Kenyon and Cole, who both had their share of father issues, so they decided to do the ‘dad circle’ to see if it would help reconcile their issues One week later… It didn’t. It also scared the neighbor who came out to do laundry and found three men holding hands and yelling daddy in the backyard. Cole will be lucky if he’s allowed to stay at his apartment after that. Subscribe, Rate, and Review on iTunes - Link Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook