Cole Knowlden, Kenyon Adamcik, and Kwamin Marshall are three comics who explore bad self-help advice and then try to use in their own lives

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Rage Room

October 22, 2018

Show Notes:

We visited Chicago’s rage room this week to investigate if it was an effective way to reduce stress and anger. The basic setup is a small room filled with printers, dishes, tvs, etc, that you can pay money to smash. Some rage rooms you pay per time, some you pay per item you smash and it can end up being fairly expensive. Looking into the rage rooms we found a couple reasons why people go. Some use it as therapy. We look at a testimonial of a lady who tried to use it as a way to cope with the suicide of her son. Some use it just for pleasure, as a corporate outing or a date night activity (theres nothing quite like seeing someone smashing dishes that lets you know they’re the one). Surprisingly a large majority are woman, who bring in pictures of their exes to place on the items that are about to smash (‘two years and i still haven’t killed him thanks to this place”). We look into the research behind using it as therapy and find out that breathing exercises and yoga are definitely better for you than that. If you take out your anger at a rage room like this is seems like its just becomes like a rehearsal or practice for what you will do in the future when you get angry. One week later after visiting the rage room… The rage room turned out to be more exercise than therapy for us. We each got to choose a ‘weapon,’ an item to break, and a song. Kenyon went with a printer, a sledgehammer, and Simple Plan’s “just a kid.” He lasted about 30 seconds swinging the sledgehammer before he ran out of breath and gave up. Kwamin went with a crowbar, some plates, and Eminems “Kim,” a classic domestic abuse song that the hostess cheerfully queued up Subscribe, Rate, and Review on iTunes - Link Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook