Cole Knowlden, Kenyon Adamcik, and Kwamin Marshall are three comics who explore bad self-help advice and then try to use in their own lives

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How to Get Over Your Ex (the Breakup Book for Men) With Nik Cartwright

December 31, 2018

Show Notes:

Breakups are hard, luckily I’ll See You In Help is here this week with special guest, Chicago comic Nik Cartwright, to go over some tips on how to make it through, provided by the book How to Get Over Your Ex (the Breakup Book for Men): 7 Powerful Hacks for Men - A Step by Step Guide for Self Improvement (Man Power Series). Whew, what a mouthful. We start off interviewing Nik about his relationship, how it ended, and what life has been like for him now, a couple weeks after the breakup. Along the way Cole, Kenyon, and Kwamin also share some of their own stories. Then we start looking at the tips, which end up being a mixed bag. First the author says you have to get over her and to do so you have to remove anything that reminds you of her, going so far as to smash up your own sim card that has her number on it (while forcing yourself to smile). Then you have to try to meet other women and to do so he recommends choosing some character from a rom-com and being the character because every woman loves rom-coms. Armed with these tips, Nik heads out into the world a new man. Subscribe, Rate, and Review on iTunes - Link Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook