Cole Knowlden, Kenyon Adamcik, and Kwamin Marshall are three comics who explore bad self-help advice and then try to use in their own lives

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How to be Funny (The Comedy Bible)

January 28, 2019

Show Notes:

Looking to boost our comedy careers we look at Judy Carter’s book The Comedy Bible on this weeks episode of I’ll See You In Help. We first find out how to craft a joke, which is a combination of topic + attitude + premise + act-out + mixup + act-out (nothing’s funnier than a formula). Judy carter says there are only four attitudes that are funny, which are scary, weird, hard, or stupid so every joke starts with isn’t dating weird…, or college is hard…, etc. She then says that punchlines are dead and the funny part of a joke should always be the act-out, where a comedian embodies someone else through voice and movement. One week later… Cole takes all the advice and reworks an old comedy bit about cats. He adds attitude (owning cats is weird, right?) and turns his punchline’s into act-outs of his cats. It doesn’t improve the bit. Subscribe, Rate, and Review on iTunes - Link Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook