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A Woman's Guide to Changing Her Man

Novemember 12, 2018

Show Notes:

Link To Book British comedian/actress Hatty Preston (Princess Maribel in E’s The Royals) joins us to talk about the book A Woman's Guide to Changing Her Man. Originally from England, Hatty talks about her move to Chicago, taking improv classes here, and performing standup for the first time. She also talks about her past relationships and we ask if she’s ever wished she could change her partners behavior because, if so, we have the perfect self-help book for her, A Woman's Guide to Changing Her Man. In this book the author claims that one can change their man single handily without him even realizing. To do so, we find out, one must understand what a man is, which in her eyes, is basically testosterone. Testosterone makes it so men can only focus on one thing (she says her husband can’t even hold a conversation if a dog walks in her field of view), it makes it so they only think about sex (she says they walk down the street thinking only of boobies and tits), and makes them uninterested in emotions. We then find out what she means by training them. She says that men are like dogs and will respond by positive reinforcement (which usually means sex). So if they do something you want like clean the dishes or tuck the children into bed, she says have sex with them and they will always be exited to do the behavior you want (which makes you think you is really being trained if a man is getting a blowjob just for doing the chores he should be doing). We then learn that at the end of the book she encourages the readers to start their own man changing groups, where women can come together and share tips to change their mens. Armed with this info Hatty leaves resolute to start her own man changing group. Subscribe, Rate, and Review on iTunes - Link Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook Hatty's IMBD