Cole Knowlden, Kenyon Adamcik, and Kwamin Marshall are three comics who explore bad self-help advice and then try to use in their own lives

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The 48 Laws of Power

February 4, 2019

Show Notes:

On this week’s episode of I’ll See You In Help, we try to obtain ultimate power by crushing our enemies, after reading Robert Greene's 48 laws of power. Taken from historical examples, Robert Greene lays out 48 laws one must follow if the wish to obtain more power in their lives. That’s a lot so we only looked at 5, which were “never put trust in friends, learn how to use enemies,” “so much depends on reputation-guard it with your life,” “discover each man’s weakness,” “crush your enemy totally,” and “keep others in suspended terror.” Intense laws for someone, like Kwamin, trying to move up the ranks of a gaming lounge. Looking more into the laws we find out we are encouraged to spread rumors about our enemies to impugn their reputation or find out what their weakness is use it as leverage later. One week later … Kwamin and Kenyon try to spread rumors and crush their enemies but feel like one week is definitely too short a time to ascend the ranks. Subscribe, Rate, and Review on iTunes - Link Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook